Doing Business with LBNF

Logistics Industry Day

Fermilab and Sanford Lab will host an informational meeting for interested parties on Thursday, May 31, from 8:30 a.m. to noon at Sanford Lab in Lead, South Dakota. Registration is required by May 25.
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At the meeting we will update you on the plans for the upcoming construction of the Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility at our labs and provide an overview of our plans for services and logistical support for this project, from warehouses to office space to housing.

Thank you for your interest in doing business with LBNF. LBNF is a decade-long initiative to create the facilities at both Fermilab and SURF necessary to support the DUNE experiment. LBNF is an international project and works with U.S. and international vendors and contractors.

Our staff works to procure quality and cost-effective services, equipment and materials that support the project's science and technology missions in accordance with Fermilab standards. Our procurement contacts are listed below.

A commitment to Environment, Safety, Health and Quality

At Fermilab, the health and safety of all who work here and our stewardship of the environment is paramount. We think that the best, most effective and least costly way to accomplish our goals is to do so with an established integrated quality assurance program and an integrated safety management program. We think that the most effective, well managed businesses are those that share our view of the importance of quality, working safely – with out injury to workers or to the public – and with respect for the environment.

— Fermilab Director Nigel Lockyer

Groundbreaking at SURF, the "far site" where the DUNE far detector will be installed, took place on 21 July 2017, and LBNF awarded the primary contract for far site facilities construction on 9 August to Kiewit Alberici Joint Venture. This work includes surface and shaft infrastructure (including utilities), drifts and caverns for the first two detector modules, and a central utility cavern for conventional and cryogenics equipment.

Major cryogenics systems will be procured through Fermilab and other partners. These systems include a liquid nitrogen refrigeration system for cooling and recondensing gaseous argon and systems for purification and recirculation of liquid argon. LBNF plans to issue a design and fabrication contract in 2018, and design work on these systems is expected to begin soon after.

Procurement of nearly 70 kilotons of liquid argon for the DUNE detector modules is expected to begin in 2022.

LBNF Procurement Contacts

David Neidballa, Project Manager / Business Development Lead at Kiewit Alberici Joint Venture

Please direct inquiries associated with the LBNF far site CM/GC construction project to David Neidballa (, 773-458-1250 Ext. 1301)

thumbnailLBNF procurement managers Chris Bushman, left, and Troy Lark, right

Please direct inquiries about other LBNF opportunities to Troy Lark (, 630-840-8698) or Chris Bushman (, 630-840-5501).


Fermilab's Wilson Hall. Credit: Fermilab

The Doing Business with Fermilab page provides Terms & Conditions for Subcontractors/Offerors, Procurement, Intellectual Property, and Proprietary Data, and information on Accounting and Finance.


thumbnailThe Yates headframe at SURF. Credit: SURF

Learn more about the LBNF far site, the Sanford Underground Research Facility or SURF (also known as Sanford Lab).