Employment Opportunities

The international LBNF Project has been formed to work with the DOE Office of Science for construction of the U.S. portion of the facility to house and support the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE), and with international funding agencies for the additional contributions. LBNF will enable the DUNE Collaboration to explore the field of neutrino physics at a deep underground location using a high-intensity, accelerator-based neutrino beam.

LBNF is responsible for building the beamline, conventional facilities to house and support it, conventional facilities for a detector at the Fermilab site ("near" detector) and for the huge, modular 40 metric kiloton cryogenic detector at the Sanford Lab site ("far" detector). LBNF is also responsible for the cryogenics infrastructure for the far detector.

LBNF/DUNE is planning design and construction over the next dozen years. LBNF/DUNE enjoys enthusiastic support from the Fermilab directorate and Sanford Lab administration, the DOE Office of Science and the global neutrino physics community. LBNF is looking to add motivated individuals who want to build a facility for a world-leading experiment that aims for transformative discoveries about the universe.

Current Openings

None at the moment; please check back!